Luke Stedman, creator of the sweet new Aussie label INSTED WE SMILE took time out of his hectic lifestyle to answer some of my curious questions. Check out his replies here!

Luke Stedman

ISWS getting creative with their shop windows.

What’s a typical day in the life of Luke Stedman? I could not answer that. I don't have typical days. Right now I'm in Hawaii and next week I'll be in Sydney then I'll be going to Indonesia the following day then to LA the following month and it goes like that all year. During that time I'm working on the label, surfing, being a dad and having a hell time. Always. Love life....

How would you describe Insted’s style? Fun, Flamboyant, positive and cool. That’s what I hope it is any way. ha....

You have made some pretty cool names for the garments in your collection, how did these come about? (eg Lets dance, pash and dash, simple like a dimple) I love to have fun and I hate boring names. It’s the finer details in life that make it what it is.

So what led you here (to create this brand)? What were you getting up to be before Insted We Smile came about? I surfed on the WCT for about 7 years and had the best time ever. I have always loved fashion and creating a concept and bringing it to life and I felt it was time to move on from surfing competitively as I was losing my ambition to win in heats. I love watching things grow and develop. I’m loving this new chapter and I still get to surf as the label is still very ocean driven.

What has been your best experience so far? Making this..

Where do you plan on taking Insted We Smile in the next few years? I’m taking it to the top baby. All the way.....

Have you got any exciting upcoming ventures you want to tell us about? Yes we just finished selling our first winter collection in Australia and the response was fantastic. I had so much fun designing this collection and I feel that IWS is really now getting some traction with its direction which is great. Right now I'm designing summer and it’s looking insane which makes me super excited for the future.

What have you got planned for the next few months at the Insted camp? We are really busy. We are making our Japan production as we launch the label there in February. We have some super cool accounts which is great. I have a show in LA early next year that we are preparing for and we have our 2nd summer collection about to hit stores in Australia. It’s all happening and I'm loving it.

Last words? Thanks to every one for their support. We love to have fun and be creative so I hope you guys are doing so as well.

Check out Insted We Smile here.

Luke Stedman

Luke with his father and Aussie legend.