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Listen to the lyrics of Jay-Z, Kanye West and 2Pac and you will hear reference to Basquiat, his artistic talent and struggles. Leonardo Dicaprio and Flea are among the few private collectors of his work and Jay-Z recently paid $4.5 million for the Basquiat paining below!



Basquiat is regarded as one of the most influential and important artists of his generation. In a broad sense, his art is somewhat a combination of the talent and vision of Andy Warhol, the social commentary of Banksy, in the style of an abstract Picasso with his own unique twist.

There is always an interesting story behind the artist. Basquiat was homeless at 15 in New York and survived by selling postcards and drawings on the streets. He was part of the well-known graffiti duo, SAMO, tagging the buildings of the lower east-side Manhattan during the hip-hop, post-punk street art movement with bold political-poetic messages significant to the urban culture of their generation.

He dabbled in the music world, forming a band and releasing a hip hop/rap vinyl, like many artists, every creative avenue was explored.


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Basquiat used poetry, drawings and paintings to reflect the struggles of his generation, incorporating messages of racism, wealth and class segregation, represented in his works by a mixture of words, shapes and abstract images that came together to expose the truths in society.

Eventually Basquiat fell in with the ‘it’ crowd, Andy Warhol and his entourage. Warhol was taken by his genius and allure and the two eventually collaborated together on a number of pieces.

Basquiat battled with the darker side of the creative world and after Warhols death in 1987, succumbed to his addiction to heroin and a year later he passed away at the young age of 27.


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The limited release of Komono x Basquiat watches available here on FallenFront, is your chance to grab yourself a part of his highly sought after masterpieces and carry around some history on your wrist. Every watch features a printed wrist band with a unique part of one of Basquiat's paintings to ensure no two are the same. Komono is once again bridging the gap between art and fashion with this colaboration.

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