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Neuw For Winter....

Saturday, 20 April 2013 6:58:13 pm Pacific/Auckland

Neuw are a brand focussed around denim and pants, and for that reason you are guaranteed only the best styling, fit and quality. Fabric for their pants and denim is sourced from premium Japanese cotton mills for a look and feel far superior to the rest. Recently added to our store are the Slim Chino, Enkel Chino, Iggy Jean and Knit Jumper along with smart essential tees for winter. Scroll down for a look into Neuw's styling this winter.

Neuw Winter 13

Featuring the Slim & Enkel Chino

Iggy Skinny, Enkel, Slim Chino

From left to right: Enkel Chino, Iggy Skinny Jean & Slim Chino

Neuw girl

Neuw Girl - Not in store but worthy of a mention.

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Who Is Ziggy?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 12:09:53 pm Pacific/Auckland

If you have never heard of Ziggy.. well keep reading. Ziggy is the future. Their jeans are an art. They are wearable, but more importantly liveable canvases where you can imprint your own style and stroll around with pride. They soak up all aspects of your ever changing lifestyle, happily changing as often as you do. Whether it’s those all night benders where Ziggy’s are your perfect party companion, late night feeds or couch potato lazy days Ziggy jeans will get you through, by your side all the way. Be who you want, do what you want, whenever you want. Your Ziggy’s will help you to reflect and express, unlike regular jeans which happen to be too precious to even make a simple statement. Although its not the jeans that have the personality, it’s you. Create, inspire and deliver it to the world. What have you got to lose? Get playful; it’s a party in your pants. 

Ziggy Autumn 2013 plans to take you for a wild ride into the future. Its electrifying and made for you be bold and proud. They even stole washes from 2015, so don’t be a snitch and check this collection out. It is inspired by all night benders and standout prints after all.


Autumn 2013 preview - Ziggy Denim





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