With little to do being stuck at home, upcycling and customising old clothes is a good way to get productive and make use of your wardrobe pieces that aren't getting love and could do with a refresh. We’ve put together a list of creative ways to do this. Trust us... this is fun!


Tie-dye has made a major comeback in recent times, even being featured on the runway with designers such as Prada and Balmain. With tie-dye, acid washes and bright colour combinations being a massive aspect of streetwear brands such as Justin Bieber’s label Drew’s tie-dye hoodie. What's not to like about some bright colours? Luckily for us, this style is easily achieved, it doesn't take long and you can do it out of the comfort of your home. 
This is a creative way to renew boring t-shirts into something unique, every piece you create is different from the rest. This technique can be used on both white and coloured tees. White t-shirts can be dyed with colour while the reverse tie-dye technique ables you to use bleach to change tees with colour. 
Jump onto youtube and have a look around, there are plenty of videos to have you customising your blanks in no time. 


Patches with incredible imagery, words, or fabrics and designs are an ideal way to elevate your streetwear pieces, which can be unique to you and your vision. Innovators such as Jaden Smith began the trend when he sewed his own jeans with an array of fabrics to complement pieces from his brand MSFTS.
Whether it’s scraps of fabric, bits and bobs you can find or embroidered patches, customise your jeans or a jacket by sewing an array of patches for original streetwear pieces. You can even cut fabric from old clothing you don't wear anymore and put them together. A great idea is cutting a t-shirt in half and sewing them together, it creates an insanely unique vibe and adds so much pop to your outfit. You don't even have to be a world-class sewer, pick up some needle and thread, and get to work!
Click here or here for some rad tutorials.


If you are not quite at that sewing level yet, painting is an easy way to add something special and create a cool design. You can use acrylic or even grab yourself a permanent marker! Get doodling fam, bring your drawings to life and them wear them with style.