THE KEY TO ISOLATION SUCCESS: PT. 3 - The Challenge of Homework...


While many of us have been faced with the challenge of now working from home, we understand that staying focused, achieving the commitment to work and creating good home working habits may be difficult, especially in a time of uncertainty. Whether it's studying, working or putting your mind to a project, we’ve put together a few ties to help you stay on track. 


Find a space, preferably away from your bed or couch, where you can set up at a desk or table and your work essentials-laptop, diary, stationery and so on. It's best to stay clear of those comfy spaces as white it may be enticing at first to get cozy, being hunched over will leave you achy and eventually uncomfortable Also, if you’re used to doing things like watching movies in bed its easy to subconsciously resort back to those distracting habits, in the opposite way, working from a place you usually relax can actually turn that place into one of stress instead of relaxation-best to keep these two separate. 

Treat each day as if you were actually going to work:

Get up and do your morning routine for getting ready as you usually would- look somewhat presentable even if you’re not going to see anyone, don’t wear lounge clothes all day. Looking good, makes you feel good and puts you in a more motivated headspace. Wear clothing that’s going to help you feel productive, its those little things that can help put you in that working headspace. 

Staying productive:

Before you start, plan your day and what you know you need to get done. Write a list to get through each day, add specific details so it's not a vague task to achieve. Remember that if you were actually at work, there would always be something to do, so if you get through those tasks, add some more things to your list, that you know your boss would want you to do on a normal day. Do your work to the best of your ability-no slacking. Take breaks when you need to, but give yourself a time limit for how long they will be, whether its a 10-minute break or a half an hour one, stick to your schedule. Since you have the freedom to make your schedule work best for you, think of when you feel most productive throughout the day, and base your schedule off that, then you can add things like exercise or downtime around that. Embrace flexibility!

Working alone:

It can be a difficult adjustment going from working in a team or being surrounded by others, to having to be self-motivated, especially if everything is so quiet. Some tips to dealing with the solitude in isolation are: listening to music-not being around anyone means you can play what you like, as loud as you like, listening to podcasts, there’s such a variety and you can learn something new as you work, it may also spark new interests or inspiration, and give you a fresh perspective which can be so beneficial when other people can’t be there to do this. If you’re really stuck and feeling a bit down, go get some fresh air for a few minutes, get out the house and go for a walk, you’ll come back with hopefully a clearer head and can get back into work. 
We hope this helps you on your way to productively, working from home, staying self-motivated and staying inspired. Stay busy, and stay focused, from the FallenFront team.