Wrangler is one of the world’s leading denim brands packed with history and style, they had a simple ambition: to create the world’s best jeans! Since then they became an icon of youth culture around the globe. Wrangler, a term also used for working cowboy, has gained a rep for their toughness and quality. They are recognised all through Europe, the States, Australia and right here in New Zealand for denim cuts you can rely on!

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Wrangler was rocked by the likes of influential cult movie actor Steve McQueen, and music legends John Lennon and Mick Jagger. Harrison Ford even chose to wear them at his wedding in recent years. So why not become a part of history by getting a pair and experience these classic jeans for yourself. Where ever you go let the good times roll!

Wrangler’s also getting involved locally here in New Zealand, presenting the Summer of MUM music series at Cassette Nine on central Auckland’s Vulcan Lane: the self-acclaimed preferred palace of perennial partying. Supporting local produce and emerging talent, Wrangler has created this series to showcase some of our best independent music out! Alternative bands CUT OFF YOUR HANDS, DIE! DIE! DIE! and UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA are being featured along with other great local acts as guests!

View Wrangler denim here.

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