Winter is about keeping warm while attempting to look good and this can mean the bank account takes a bit more of a hit. Our advice...act now! Your bank account should be slightly replenished after the summer spending, making it the best time to strike before you find yourself channelling blanket man steeze this winter.

To make life even easier for you, we have put all the best in one place to give you a go to guide, because getting new gears shouldn't be a mission! Over the next few weeks as we get new gears in, we will be posting the wardrobe staples that the Fallenfront guy should be wearing this winter to keep warm and look good while out in the elements. These essentials will help you either stand out from your crew as the styley guy or blend in with the crowd, whichever floats ya boat. Stay tuned to the Fallenfront Season Style Guide if you need a few obvious hints about what to wear this winter.



An obvious wardrobe staple is clearly a pair of pants and really any pants will do to avoid an indecent exposure conviction, but we figure most guys prefer to pick their pants for more specific reasons other than social norms, eg colour, fit and style. In which case, there are numerous options and we have broken it down to hopefully open your eyes to a few new pants to add to the rotation...



Still holding it down as the staple style for guys in the pants department is a classic pair of chinos. These can be worn to work all day with a classic shirt, dressed down with a hoody or met in the middle with the ankles rolled up and a long sleeve tee for a more street look. Our picks for chinos this winter are the Neuw Slim Enkel Chinos coming in black, navy and tan and the Assembly New Land Chinos. We also have a new style in the mix from trusted Wrangler, called the Slinger Chino and then for a slightly different style, we have the Assembly Ascender Pant that features an elasticated drawstring waist for full comfort. 




By far still the easiest and best investment to make each season is a good pair of jeans that will ultimately last you for years, easy to wear day after day and thrash. We have a variety of fits and washes for the season and have sought out the best from Neuw and Wrangler as our main denim brands. Whether you are after a super skinny denim or want the tapered slim look but don't want to compromise on comfort, Neuw and Wrangler have it sorted to ensure you live in your jeans. Wrangler has introduced a new style called the Smith Jean to cater to those who like to wear their slim jeans a little rolled up for the breezy style. Grab these in a staple black and you are sorted. For a little more room and baggier fit, we have the Neuw Joey Slim and the Modern Manners Et Cetera Jean, both made to provide premium comfort and a classic look. Zanerobe and Thing Thing have some denim offerings this season featuring a slight drop crotch and cut from a quality stretch denim, with the Dojo Jean maintaining the popular Thing Thing elasticated waist band without the cuffed ankle.




Classified as the 'newby' in the pants category is the forever evolving Jogger style. It all started with the full drop crotch, elasticated waist band and ankle cuffs and has now morphed in to a slightly more refined, versitile style to give you another alternative to your staple chino pant or jeans. The Salerno is the new hybrid jogger from Zanerobe, a combo of the Sureshot and a regular chino with a elasticated waist band, minimal drop crotch and regular ankle cuffs, perfect to roll up or leave straight. This new style comes in staple black and tan and a dark washed out navy to mimic a pair of jeans but with the jogger comfort and style. In saying that, we aren't eliminating the og, original Jogger, these are still alive and going strong with the Para Pant from Thing Thing and Zanerobe Sureshots and Dropshot pants been a regular style on rotation. Sticking with this cut is the tracky style Jogger, our picks for sure are the Zanerobe Dropshot Jogger and Thing Thing Covert Trackie. Super comfy, super warm, ideal for Sunday slothing and a step up from the grey trackies that we still own from our Uni days. The jogger is for those who want to up their game and step away from the norm.




It is a hard decision choosing a jacket and with the styles available from our brands this winter, the decision is even harder! The options range from windbreaker-style shells as a technical outer layer, parka jackets for work and play and bomber or shirt style jackets for a more versitile option. Its all about clean lines and practicality to keep you protected from the elements, as well as offering you a style that you can wear and wear and wear.


Option numero uno. The technical, windbreaker shell jacket.

This is the jacket that will offer the most weather protection over the winter months and will also come in handy through spring and summer or whenever it rains, which is quite often really. Practical and easy to carry around, its the modern raincoat that keeps you looking good and avoiding borrowing the Mrs umbrella. This style usually doesn't offer much in the warmth department, but this is an easy fix, as you can easily wear any of these styles over a hoody, crew or knit and you won't feel like you are lugging a human around on your back. Some of our favourites for winter are below, all offering different technical aspects. The Assembly Shield Jacket featuring Goretex technology. The Poler Vagabond Jacket features 2.5 layering and a 10K waterproof rating, as do the Huffer and Rains Jackets.


The easy-to-throw-on-over-anything, casual jacket

These picks are the ideal solution for the guy who doesn't want to have to plan or think about what to put on when its freezing outside and time is precious. The type of guy who lives and breathes casual and doesn't want to budge on their effortlessness when it comes to dressing. Shackets are a go to for this guy. They mimic an everyday shirt but provide a clean look and additional weight that you can wear over a hoody, crew or knit. Our picks for this style are the Huffer Shacket and Brixton Cass Jackets below. Other favourites for a different look are the Wrangler Oxford Parka, a longer length, hooded denim style jacket and the RPM Workshop Jacket, a puffer-style vest body and contrast sweatshirt hood and sleeves. Then for the ultimate in comfort and warmth, you can't go past the Huffer Down Jacket. A little more costly but you can guarantee you will get the wear out of this classic, matte style down jacket over Winter.


Parka Jacket. Parker Jacket. Same same.

By far the easiest and most versitile jacket style you can have in your wardrobe. A Parka jacket can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. A wardrobe favourite due to the hood and slightly longer length, allowing it to be worn as an outer layer over almost anything in your current outfit rotation. This style jacket suits been worn with most styles of pants, whether it be chinos, jeans or jogger style pants. Our picks this season come from Huffer, Mr Simple, Assembly and Just Another Fisherman. Special mention goes to the Assembly Romance Jacket with a removable soft sherpa lining that we think will make this jacket hard to take off. Then too top it off, the sherpa lining can be unbuttoned, taken out and stored away over the warmer months so the Romance Jacket can be worn as a light weight shell. Its a win win we think! 




Channel your inner lumberjack with a classic check shirt in your rotation. Always easy to chuck on over any tee, button it up for a tidy look, or just a top button if you prefer the mexican thug look. A check shirt is ideal for a layering option with a jacket over top, under a Huffer Down Vest or if it all gets too much, take it off and do the easy waist tie around.

Click on the photos below to browse our favourites for the season or browse the brands StussyNeuwRPMABC and Thrills to see what is on offer. Otherwise click below to see our full shirt offering, cause its not all checkered. We have a staple shirt offering from Vanishing Elephant, Just Another Fisherman, Thing Thing and more.




The Long Sleeve Tee has been on point for a while now with most brands including one or many in their ranges with a personal tweak to make it their own, whether it be patterned, a unique fabric or an original graphic. This wardrobe staple is a light weight but warmer solution for the cooler days and nights, ideal for layering under vests, jackets, shirts and knits.

For the more style conscious guy who likes to make an impression with what they wear, go for the block panels and printed sleeves from the likes of Thing Thing, Stussy, RVCA and Thrills below. Stussy and RVCA offer a slight variation with a hood, these are ideal to wear under jackets and vests to keep bulking to a minimum while maintaining a street look and feel.


If you prefer a clean and basic look, we have striped and colour block long sleeves to ensure you can wear these just the same as you would with an everyday standard short sleeve tee. A simple long sleeve is an easy fix to make do with your lighter weight, collared shirts, layer up with a long sleeve underneath and you won't even notice the negative temperatures outside.