A Brief History of New Balance

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We are so excited to present to you the latest addition to FallenFront - the New Balance 574. What comes a classic sneaker and one of the best on the market, we thought we would share some background on this globally known brand that has been leading the charge in footwear since forever. FallenFront presents... The Brief History of New Balance.

The History of New Balance is more than just an incredible timeline involving one of the greatest sportswear brands to ever do it, due to the unusual events that led NB to become the monster it is now, this is a story worth reading.

Within modern-day sneaker culture, and trends with re-sale coming in the form of Yeezy's, Air Jordan's and other 'Grailed' pieces, New Balance has been a brand of consistent quality and pricing. Sticking to its original guns and carrying the aspects of what makes a good sneaker through every line they have released.

How is it possible to compete with the likes of Nike and Adidas which have become a home name to every young gun around the world? How does a brand withstand this era, continue to innovate and rock the market with every new sole?

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Taking inspiration from farm animals a Boston man starts a company that shifts culture. The story of New Balance, Inc comes rooted with a business mindset and the art of stubbornness...

Creating sneakers is all about bringing design concepts and making them a reality. Starting from an idea and bringing it to life. The satisfaction of holding in their hands something that was once a drawing in their notebook brings an electric feeling to any creatives mind. We are sure this was the same feeling when William J. Riley began his journey in bringing New Balance to life. 

In the beginning, Riley had his eyes set on creating a shoe with better balance and a more comfortable fit than anything that was in the market at the time. Living in Boston at the time, a place littered with chickens he takes notice to the little animals around him. To him, the feet of chickens seemed to be perfectly balanced. He found the key to this was the three-point anatomy of a chicken's foot. In a time where the focus in shoe design was what's around the foot, Riley took it a different level, he began on what was under the foot and work upwards from there.

Soon after, the New Balance Arch Support Company was born, Riley's approach would overcome all the obstacles and complications of the footwear industry, innovating with the companies first shoe allowing customers to order different widths, a first in the running sneaker market.

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The New Balance 574

In 1988 one of the most famous sneakers ever was released. The New Balance 574, originally designed as a technical runner which offered better comfort, this shoe has since remained popular in running and streetwear. With re-releases of new colourways and reworked versions such as the 574S, the shoe is changing the game every day. 


In 1988, New Balance's technology included the ENCAP cushioning as an option. Presenting the best shock absorption quality and durable to stay together for many long runs. The 574 was introduced with the same ethos in mind, keeping soft and flexible uppers constructed from premium material. The 574 was released in a massive array of colour options, allowing any customer to find something they like. This shifted the brand's perspective, having had the technical aspects of footwear on lock, they were now able to focus on aesthetics and style.

The 574 brings an emphasis on vibrant colours, showing itself on new models after it. The New Balance 574's were seen on the feet of names such as Mos Def and Steve Jobs, as well as now days worn by many celebrities around the world and endorsed by one of our favourite artists, Jaden Smith.


A shoe that will forever grow and forever stay in the footwear world as a classic.

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