Medicom Toy


BE@RBRICKs, produced by Medicom, the largest collectible toy company in Japan, have gained worldwide recognition and become highly coveted. The inaugural figure debuted on May 27, 2001, as a complimentary gift for attendees of the World Character Convention. These toys originated from the popular Kubricks line, which pays tribute to renowned director Stanley Kubrick. The Kubrick logo adopts the font from "A Clockwork Orange" and incorporates the Japanese word for nine, "Ku," symbolizing the nine parts or components found in each Kubrick and BE@RBRICK: head, torso, hips, hands, and legs. All BE@RBRICKs are limited editions and seldom reissued.

BE@RBRICK Blind Box Series are released semi-annually, featuring exceptionally rare designs. Each series includes randomly assorted contents within the blind boxes, making it impossible to determine the contents without opening the package. Consequently, collecting an entire set proves to be exceedingly challenging.