Levi's Denim, Jeans, Shorts & More.

Levi's is the most iconic denim brand, selling jeans, shorts and accessories.

Levi's the world's most iconic denim label, Levi Strauss & Co. was founded in 1853 by a man named Levi Strauss, originally beginning as a dry goods store. Partnering with tailor Jacob Davis, the duo manufactured the first riveted denim ‘XX’ waist overalls, later known as the original 501 jeans. Levi’s blue jeans gained mainstream acceptance as casual apparel post-World War II after famously outfitting the lone rangers of Western cinema and Old Hollywood bad boy James Dean. Adopted by subcultures like the greasers, mods, and skinheads, the brand became associated with youth and rebellion. In the 1960s Levi’s denim claimed its reputation as one of the world’s most iconic items of clothing. Nowadays, the brand continues to adapt, thriving on a classic style and everyday quality denim.