Adidas Shoes and Clothing by Adidas Originals – A Timeless Streetwear Story

Adidas Shoes and the streetwear focused clothing line by Adidas Originals has a past like no other. Steeped in a history that outlasted World Wars, created Olympic Champions and World Cup Winners, bridged the gap between runway fashion and street culture, and shuffled to the beat of a Hip Hop icon. Let’s rewind the clock 71 years and learn what it takes to create one of the greatest streetwear brands on the planet today, Adidas Originals.

Adi Dassler is the man you can thank for the iconic streetwear staples of today like the Superstar, Continental 80 and Stan Smith, as well as those irresistible 3 stripes being adorned on track suits, hoodies and some of the finest jacketing. Adi may not have been around by the time his brand helped merge high end fashion with the urban culture, but without his 30+ years at the helm of Adidas it would never have reached the dizzying heights it has.

Adidas Originals Founding Father

In the early years of the 30’s and 40’s Adi was making footwear with his brother in a small German town. By 1949 he had registered the Adidas name, and the soon-to-become-famous Adidas 3 stripes. In 1954 Adi supplied the unfenced German Football team with a revolutionary boot. It was cut down, lighter and featured screw in stud technology never been seen before. They went on to beat the seemingly unstoppable Hungarian side to win the World Cup, and Adidas became a worldwide household name.

Adi broke the footwear mould in 1967 when he released a tracksuit that to this day is one of the most recognisable streetwear pieces. The Kaiser was originally a sports warmup layer designed for Franz Beckenbauer the German football legend, but in 1986 it was famously worn by Hip Hop artists Run DMC along with the release of their huge hit ‘My Adidas’. To this day it is still fashioned by the who’s who of streetwear culture.

Adidas Originals History

Adidas Originals RUN DMC

In the early 2000’s Adidas ‘officially’ launched its new lifestyle segment, focusing on sports inspired streetwear. Adidas Originals was born and has since included collaborations with the likes of Stella McCartney, Yohji Yamamoto (Y-3), Porsche and of course Yeezy. The Trefoil logo is used extensively in this range and sets its pieces apart from the basic Adidas sportswear line.

Adidas Originals x Y-3 Collaboration

Season after season Adidas Originals and Fallen Front deliver you classic icons in footwear, flawless pieces of streetwear and undeniable style, all thanks to a man they call ‘Das’. Adi ‘Das’ Dassler died in 1977 but his legend will live on forever.

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