Denim arrivals from KSUBI

An essential product of fashion culture and a timeless staple in everyone's wardrobe. Denim Jeans is one fashion trend that has never gone out of style, and never will. From the skinny fit in the punk and rock & roll trends to the loose baggy fit worn by skaters to a tailored look, distressed look and more - multiple styles under the same umbrella, denim can be worn by whoever, whenever. Here at Fallen Front, we carry a wide range of the most popular denim brands around, our favourite - KSUBI. Below we are giving you a peek into some of our latest denim arrivals to get you ready for any event, season or day of the year.

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Our personal favourite denim brand, KSUBI, Originally founded in 1999, KSUBI is a brand close to home, beginning in Australia and becoming known for having one of the most high-quality denim you can find. Worn by celebrities such as ASAP Rocky and Kendall Jenner, KSUBI has found the way to craft the perfect everyday jeans, coming in a variety of colours, fits, washes and distressing techniques. Since launching in the late '90s they have grown to become one of the leading denim brands in both the streetwear and denim industry.
KSUBI ties their rebellious lifestyle in with their branding and look, recognisable by a few details found on their jeans; a cross logo embroidery above the back right pocket, a black patch that hangs from the back right pocket and a double-cross logo found on the left pant leg.

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The latest denim from KSUBI features both a baggier style and the iconic Chitch jean which is a slim/skinny fit. The baggier jean comes in the Bullet jean with Sessions colourway. This pair boasts a newfound style with a worn-in, vintage grey colourway on relaxed fitting, skate jean style. Featuring a 5 pocket set up as well as their infamous branding throughout, the jeans will have you ready for the weekend in no time.

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For the skinner option, we have released the Chitch jeans. A popular staple within KSUBI, the Chitch takes a new route with the Prodigy Trashed. Constructed from a premium denim blend, these heavy-duty jeans are perfect for everyday wear and come in a vintage grey colourway. Bringing you the rockstar look, this pair features trashed knees, followed up with a 5 pocket set up, button fly and an embroidered logo for detailing.

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A go-to brand if you're shopping for essential denim or wanting to go crazy with some unique street vibes. Alongside their killer denim, Ksubi also presents some of the best fitting and top-quality clothing, from tees, knits, jackets, hoodies and more. Check out our latest range from KSUBI here.