Just Another Fisherman is up there as one of our favourite brands, we always dive into the warehouse boxes for our own gears and we are stoked to see JAF growing season after season with more guys making it their go to brand.

The new Summer 15/16 Range, 'Wandering the North Coast' is even radder than the last and if you haven't seen the campaign for it yet, video edit included, its epic. We decided to combine all of the insane pictures from their mission with our second Friends of Fallenfront feature for you too meet the maker and get frothing for summer...

We value a good catch up with Aaron from JAF, the general context usually consists of a debrief on his latest mission, what the fishing is looking like in Raglan, what we are catching and at what depths, then moving onto business.

Aaron has sussed it, as we all one day hope too, creating a job that reflects his lifestyle and passions. His crew set the bar high when it comes to their missions and always have some epic stories to tell after their trips around the coasts, putting in hard research time, to produce the quality, practical gears for on and off the water. Whether it’s a waterproof jacket for battling the elements, staple boardies for jumping in and out of the boat or simply a tidy shirt or tee so you can incorporate a bit of your fisherman lifestyle into your daily wardrobe.

We flicked Aaron through a few questions to find out more about the brand, his background, best mission to date and favourite spots...

Aaron J Styles from Just Another Fisherman

Background. Hometown. Uni.
Born and bred in the Bay Of Plenty. Studied in Hamilton and did a Bachelor of Media Arts, majoring in Graphic Design.

The Wandering The North Coast looked like an epic mission. Where did you venture from, what sort of ground did you cover and how long was this trip in the making?

Yeah was an epic trip. We based ourselves on the edge of the Parengarenga Harbour in the Far North and adventured the northern beaches from North Cape to Spirits Bay doing a range of land base fishing. The trip was planned for 3 or 4 months. We wanted to show our product in its natural environment and show off how beautiful our country is.

As an outsider your ‘office’ doesn’t seem like the norm, almost like its broken up between on the water and at the desk. Give us some insight into your standard working week set up – how often do you actually get to throw out a line between JAF commitments? 

Yeah, well when I first started the brand it was a hobby and it didn’t take up to much of my time, so I was able to fish personally a lot more. Couple times a week I would get out on the yak and every second weekend I would do a weekend away fishing some remote locations with my mates. But as the brand has grown and other responsibilities such as kids, houses and other business responsibilities, I get out little less. So in a standard week, I would get out once if I am lucky. But I have larger trips 3 - 5 days every month which I go on.

Clearly you have a passion for all things angling related, take us back to the roots of how JAF came to life and what inspired you to develop a clothing range?

I have been in the garment trade for while now, and been fishing sense I was 7 or 8 years old. When I passionately got back into it, I was in my 20’s and I found there was no clothing which I liked and related to fishing, so I started making the odd beanie and hat and thats where JAF stemmed from.

On your missions you must see some epic landscapes, stumble across some hidden gems and witness some of natures wonders. What comes to mind as the most memorable moment of all your adventures?

The latest adventure “Wandering The North Coast” was pretty incredible. From the stunning sand dunes of the Parengarenga Harbour to the Ridges leading to Sandy bay, it had it all.

We are always fizzing when you share your latest Angling Tales on the site, which one would you class as your favourite and a must read? Chronicles of PJ bay" is my favourite. Great read.

Best catch to date? 

I have caught plenty of big fish and have some great personal bests but my best captures are more about the location or situation.

Dream fishing location/mission.

NZ. - Three Kings Islands

Internationally. - I have not fished a lot internationally, but I would love to go to Aitutaki in the Cook Islands. Fishing lures around the Lagoon.

One ultimate all time fishing tip/life hack/lesson you have learned that you can share?

Think about your fishing. Where, how, when, tides, moon, previous adventures. The more you think about your target species and surroundings, the more you will catch.

Would you confess to the crew if had a stowaway banana in your bag? 

Yeah, once I caught a good fish.

Favourite piece/s from the range….

The Angler Hat, a quick dry wide brim hat and the Deck Shorts, a quick dry stretch cargo short.

Websites. What tabs do you open in the morning. -,

Instagram accounts you follow. - @NATGEO

Music. - War On drugs, Eddie Vedder

Books. - Let My People Go Surfing - Patagonia Book.

Magazines. - Fishing News

Local haunts.

Coffee. - Thermos coffee on the way to fishing location.

Food. - Calamari

Bar. - Swashbucklers

Whiskey or Rum

Snow or Surf

Dawn or Dusk - Both, can’t choose

East or West

Soft Baits or Real Deal

Squid or Bonito

Surf Casting or Game Fishing

Filleting or Whole

Craft Beer or A Classic

Beard or Moustache

Apple or Samsung

Canon or Nikon

George fm or Hauraki

Hip Hop or Rock

ABs or Warriors

Summer or Winter