Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind Beach Brains?

Inspiration is like your car keys, whenever you need them you can’t find them. But you have places you look first because most likely they’re there. I have some go-to places to find inspiration for a design session. Philippe Caza does some pretty unreal science fiction art, I draw a lot of ideas from his works. Science fiction as a genre is always a good place for me to get frothed. Robert Beatty is another artist that I love. I browse through Public Domion image banks as well. The New York Public Library has been scanning in millions of illustrations, prints, photo negatives and calligraphy. These inspire me a lot, especially the astronomy archives. I have some drawings of the moon and mars from mid 1800’s that are pretty crack up. They will pop up in the next drop. I love the Web, definitely more inspired by the internet than surf culture at the moment. But hopefully I’m bringing some fresh energy to the surf scene. 

If you could chose any global celebrity to dress in the current collection - who would it be and why?

Mason Ho. That guy is always brained. He sums up the energy of beachbrains pretty well . Grommet stoke for ever. 

What can we look forward to in the next few ranges from Beach Brains?

The usual, heaps of graphics! Some new printing techniques to give the tees some extra pop! Working with hemp, recycled cotton tees and developing some fun accessories. Doing some collaborations with an epic surfboard shaper Olie Le Noel so some of his vibe will be sneaking into my future graphics. I’m working on a solid range at the moment that will see more cut and sew options. Jackets, Pants, Shirts, Boardies, etc.  

What’s on the Beach Brains playlist right now? 

This question always gets me excited. I love looking back at my month and seeing what I’ve been blearing most frequently. I start my morning commute listening to Maggot Brain by Funkadelic, full jam. On repeat. I only have enough time to listen to it one and a half times though but I sometimes sit in my car to finish the second session. My drive home consists of Witchers Creed, get’s me pumped back up so I don’t lose energy before doing evening design. If the sun'sshinning, the Beatles - Sun King is a good tune. If I need to get through copious amounts of design work I’m down for Oneohtrix Point Never, Their Methlab, None and Aldous Harding. Pretty mixed bag of tunes for me.  

5 years from now, what’s the vision for the brand/collective?

As long as BeachBrains stays fun and inclusive I will be stoked.