Introducing EPØKHE: The Eyewear Specialists

Eyewear & Polarized Sunglasses

Beginning in Australia in 2012, EPØKHE is taking over the sunglass and eyewear space with their premium frames and modern style. Founded by filmmaker Kai Neville & professional surfers Dion Agius & Mith Coleborne, good friends since their late teens, the trio spawned this brand to life intending to craft something of their own, with full creative control.

They spent decades travelling around the world and creating, films, surf videos & more. Spending countless days under the sun and simply not being able to find eyewear they or their friends wanted to wear. Discovering a substantial hole in the industry, they set out to fill it, with premium and tasteful style, a brand offering handcrafted frames made from the finest sustainable materials and a focus on quality, design and ethical production methods.

Answering only to each other EPØKHE was established with no investors, just drained bank accounts big ideas. The team's relentless creativity keeps the EPØKHE world spinning through the seasons to provide a platform for their surfing, design, art & film.


All the frames you see from EPØKHE are designed by co-founders Kai and Dion and are inspired through their travels with friends and some of the most influential people in the industry.

A friend group constantly in contact with professional surfers, filmmakers & photographers allows the team to lend an insight and source inspiration for new designs and styles.

EPØKHE takes its aesthetic cues from the timeless, optical frames of the past. Styles that have stood the test of time.

Kai and Dion travel to Italy twice a year to work with EPØKHE’s Italian engineer who has been specializing in eyewear production for over 40 years. This process ensures each frame is a perfect blend of their modern vision and his extensive knowledge of traditional materials and techniques to create the best possible frame every time.

Polarized Lenses

EPØKHE offers polarized lenses on select styles. Polarized lenses reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as glass and water making them a popular choice for anyone spending time near the ocean or the snow.

Acetate Frame

Cellulose acetate is a natural material, providing an environmentally responsible alternative to the petroleum-based plastics typically used in inexpensive eyewear. Acetate also offers a greater range of transparencies, richer tones and colours than can be achieved with the traditional plastics used with injection-moulded frames.

Acetates such as those used on EPØKHE Matte and Polished Tortoise styles make each frame truly unique due to the subtle pattern variations in the sheets they're cut from.

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Epokhe - Dylan

Designed and developed under the guiding eye of the late professional skateboarder and icon, Dylan Rieder.

This frame is built with a classic style, made to withstand the test of time and to be worn on every occasion. 

A portion of the proceeds goes to the Dylan Rieder Foundation.

"I wanted to design a sleek shaped glass with an evil feel behind them..."

Dylan Rieder

Epokhe Eyewear | Men's Sunglasses | FallenFront Online NZ

Epokhe - SZEX

A classic frame with its signature design by co-founder Dion Agius. These sunnies can be worn in any way possible, bringing an elegant or rebellious look. Crafted with an acetate frame and luxury metal detailing, built for extreme comfort. Classic in form, with punk attitude SZEX moves forward in time from its wayfarer stylised past.

Epokhe Eyewear | Men's Sunglasses | FallenFront Online NZ

Epokhe - Wilson

A gentleman pair, well built and strong enough for the military of yesteryear, a fighting frame refined from that era with sleek contemporary design and hints of gold metal. The Wilson features a slimmed down profile, perfect for the Harley Davidson cruises. Inspired by a team rider who stumbled on an antique from which the WILSON originated.

Epokhe Eyewear | Men's Sunglasses | FallenFront Online NZ

Epokhe - Candy

Built for the boys and girls living in the fast lane. The Candy style is aggressive and sharp, packing a punch and building up your outfits for a polished finish. Designed by Creed McTaggart, these frames are comfortable and feature a thick profile. James Dean would wear these if he was living in the modern era.

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