Misfit – Shapes and Tees for culturally agitated Mad Minds

MISFIT Shapes available at Fallenfront NZ

Misfit – Shapes and Tees for culturally agitated Mad Minds

For decades we have seen the behemoth that is the surf industry (with a few exceptions) relentlessly pumping out watered down graphics on standard cut tees, season after season. With a self-described mildly deranged outlook, Misfit are stepping off the surf train bound for normality. Best known for producing mind bending board shapes and designs, the rare collective of surfers, artists and designers launched a range of tees featuring scatterbrained graphics on dusty, earthy tones. The core of surf culture approved.

The latest Spring drop at Fallen Front offers washed out blacks and greens, perfect stripes, a touch of tie dye and a Kings Would you can’t drive. Plus, the ever present culturally edgy prints on super comfy, boxy fit 100% cotton. A banger of a Boonie and madman cap round out the range. My pick of the bunch is the Hard Goods Hoodie in Washed Green, the colour on this is amazing.

Give your eyeballs a treat and dive headfirst into the trippy video pieces these guys release with every season, along with DIY poster prints and magic mix tapes.   

Ready to exit the revolving door of normality? Give yourself a cultural and physical makeover with Misfit from Fallen Front.  You might even get lucky enough to find a few gems left from our previous ranges featuring mushrooms, vacations and a headless porcelain doll welcoming you to earth. Don’t miss out on the corduroy shorts, boardie’s and Iron Beauty pants for those chilly spring evenings. 

If its boards you are after shop here. With models like the Dope Machine, Dead Beat Sled, Mermaid Killer, and the Thruster Space Dolphin . . . I challenge you to find a surf style not catered for. 

Shapes and Tees not for the well-oiled machinery of surf.

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