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Rizzoli New York is the leading publisher of iconic stories and produces high-quality imagery and incredibly design coffee table books and reads. Based in the heart of New York City, Rizzoli was founded by Angelo Rizzoli in 1964. Born in Milan, Angelo was well known around Italy for his literary talents and eye for detail & design. Starting as a bookstore, Rizzoli emphasized that books were an art form and the outer cover should match the pages between, publishing elevated designs which will make any coffee table stand out. Many years later, Rizzoli has grown in popularity, creating stories on influential fashion icons and artists, including Kate Moss, Tom Ford, Pharrell Williams, Supreme clothing and many more. Along with the fashion work, Rizzoli supply a range of books which includes the art, design, interior design, architecture, music and fashion fields.

Rizzoli New York | Coffee Table Book | FallenFront

Rizzoli Books are now available online at FallenFront, the aim is to bring in the finer things to your humble abode, to live within art and constantly be inspired. Take a look at our range and hand-selected favourites. 

Rizzoli New York | Coffee Table Book | FallenFront


Supreme is one of the biggest and most influential fashion labels to ever come out of New York. This publication is the first monograph, capturing all the brand's iconic life. Opening their doors in April 1994, Supreme became home to the New York City skate culture, defining the aesthetic of an era in rebellious cool which reached across the world. Over the last seventeen years, this brand has stayed true to its roots, whilst collaborating with some of the most groundbreaking artists and designers of our generation. With written contributions from contrasting arbiters of style, Aaron Bondaroff and Glenn O'Brien, and including an interview between founder James Jebbia and the artist KAWS - brings together the disparate elements of the brand's output, from legendary advertising campaigns to especially commissioned skateboard designs, photographs, and artworks, and a comprehensive index of their products to date.

Rizzoli New York | Coffee Table Book | FallenFront


Big Shots offers a collection of polaroids shot by Phillip Leeds, capturing the faces of all your favourite musicians, artists and the people in fashion. Started as snaps of friends and visitors, this unprecedented volume shot by Phillip Leeds, former tour manager of Kelis and N.E.R.D., is a compilation of previously unpublished work documenting some of the biggest names in hip-hop and fashion. His collection of Polaroid portraits has effectively grown to capture an important moment in music and fashion. Pictured is the Rizzoli Big Shots!: Polaroids from the World of Hip-Hop and Fashion.

Rizzoli New York | Coffee Table Book | FallenFront


Pharrell, A Fish Doesn't Know It's Wet is perfectly illustrated with 250+ photographs and illustrations from hip-hop icon, Pharrell and his large body of work in art, design, music and fashion. This book gathers a new group of collaborators, engaging Pharrell in conversation, talents as diverse as Karl Lagerfeld and Takashi Murakami position Pharrell’s work within contemporary visual and material culture.

Rizzoli New York | Coffee Table Books | FallenFront


Created in 2002, the Nike Dunk was adopted from the court by skateboarders and sneakerheads to become an icon of the streets. the Nike Dunk has enjoyed a storied legacy of reinvention through numerous iterations and creative collaborations proving to be an integral part of a culture obsessed with sneakers. Nike SB: The Dunk Book is the first to present an archive of some of the most important shoes ever created.

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