Self-care is an important part of life, no matter what’s going on in the world, now is the perfect time to reach new heights in your personal life. Too often, we deem ourselves too busy to properly pay attention to personal growth. With the world in isolation, there's never been a better time. A good mindset is the first step to a successful life. We have lined up a few tips, which we believe can help you cope with the anxiety, perhaps boredom and loneliness of the self-isolation period.



Although there are great excuses to get that sleep-in we've always wanted, having a structured pattern for when you sleep and wake up creates routine and builds habit for yourself. It is a great way to add certainty into these days of uncertainty. If you've struggled to get enough sleep throughout the year, have a break, revive and rest from exhaustion. Allow yourself enough sleep to wake up, feel good and kill the day. Sleep is the most important thing you can improve on the quest to feeling amazing.


While it's easy to resort to comfort food and snacking, sticking to a few meals a day and eating relatively healthy will keep your energy levels high and your mind functioning at maximum capacity. Simple things like cutting out that packet of chips and replacing it with some fruit, or reaching for water instead of soda. Your body is a powerful machine, what you put into it, is what you will get out of it. No one puts diesel into a Lamborghini.


Although you can’t hit the gym, there are plenty of ways to exercise at home, don't use that as an excuse. Download a workout app, do some yoga, or get some fresh air with a walk or run. Google is your best friend. Half an hour in the morning goes a long way. Exercise is an excellent way to calm nerves, anxiety, and boost your mood. You have an opportunity to come out of self-isolation looking fit and healthy.


Take some time to reflect on the year so far, what are you pushing for and how can you make it happen. What habits do you want to cut out, and which ones do you want to build. Practise gratitude, thinking about the people you value and appreciate, the things you’ve achieved so far, the positive changes that are happening this year-despite all the chaos. Simply, take time to focus on the good. 


Choose something you’ve been putting off, and take some time to start working on it. It can be as simple as reading, listening to educational or inspiring podcasts. Channel your creativity, write, try painting or drawing, upcycle some clothing, or educate yourself on something you’ve always wanted to learn. You have all the time in the world, get creative and learn something new, refresh yourself.


It is so important to keep in contact with your friends and family, stay connected, talk to each other, be there for your peers. However, it is also just as important to stay mindful of how much time you spend on social media. It is a massive distraction and can sometimes fuel the wrong thoughts. Remember we are all riding on the same boat, look after those close to you, look after yourself and try not to worry about anything else. Most importantly, don't flood your life with news and outsiders lives, stay home and focus on what's in front of you.


Remember it is OKAY to spend time relaxing - watching movies or a series. Use it as a reward at the end of each day, don't let it consume you. There's never been a better time for Netflix & chill.

While there are a million things you could do, during this time, set achievable goals and smash them. Look after your health, body and mind, put yourself first. Look after your family and friends, stay connected and take care of one another. This is a time where only the strong will survive.
You got this! We believe in you...