We often overlook the value of self-reflection, the world we live in goes a hundred miles an hour, and usually, we simply don’t have the time. Consider this a mandatory time for slowing down, and catching up with yourself. Reflection is an essential part of personal growth, taking stock of our experiences, emotions and observations, untangling and understanding each of things for a clearer mindset and consider our learnings thus far, as well as creating meaning from our life and using these reflections to guide future perspectives and actions, essential to development. We’ve put together some benefits and ways of taking some time to reflect.


Acknowledging currently where you’re at in life:


Acknowledging where you’re at in life currently shouldn’t be a reason to beat yourself up or be harsh on yourself, often things don’t always turn out the way we expected and that is OK, acceptance is just a way of being honest with yourself and hopefully, you can see how some things turned out for the better. Acknowledging both the good and bad, enables you to be both appreciative of what has gone well, and opens an opportunity for improvement. 


Learning from experience:


Consider some of your biggest life experiences so far. Maybe they were in the past week, the past year, maybe they were over your lifetime. Think of how these experiences made you feel, and consider why they made you feel this way. Consider what you learnt from them, alternative and fresh perspectives. Challenge yourself to think through things as a way of processing and understanding. This way you can learn from the mistakes you made or recognise how you could’ve done something differently. There is always room for refining yourself and improving the lives of those around you. 




Too often we are so busy achieving more, working hard, and wanting more, that we forget to appreciate what we DO have. We are so lucky, even just for the fact that we have the simple necessities to survive. Take some time to acknowledge the things you are grateful for, whether it be the close friends who have stuck by you, something you’re proud to have achieved, family members or your partner. Acknowledge how certain things or people have had a positive influence over your life. Be open to privately acknowledging it, or even openly expressing your gratitude toward others. 


Consider the future:


Perhaps the goals you initially had for this year have now altered or changed, maybe they’ve stayed the same. Either way, it’s a good time to think about how you could change the way you work to get to these goals, changing perspective for the future or readjusting your goals to better fit where you’re currently at. Re-evaluate, rethink, and consciously make achievable goals towards positive change. Understand the person you are and the person you want to become. 


Personal growth relies on reflection and understanding, think and write down, where you’re at, what you’re thankful for, what you’ve learnt, adjust goals or write new ones, and ways you could improve. Show appreciation, be thoughtful, be honest with yourself, and stay focused. 


All the best, and good luck.

The FallenFront crew.