Top Picks: The North Face Nuptse Jacket

So you realise Winter is coming and you need a The North Face Jacket, or The North Face Fleece for those extra cold days, any jacket or fleece that will make leaving the house an actual possibility. Hopefully, by now you are aware of The North Face and the fact they have been making the best jackets around for a long time. Inspired and built for the outdoors and mountain climbers the brand has also drawn attention to a new group of fans that are more interested in retro pieces and styling than the great outdoors.

The North Face Nuptse Jacket originally released around 1992 is one of the jackets that instantly became a fan favourite, not only to the outdoor enthusiasts but also highly popular with the early 90’s New York underground Hip-Hop scene. 20+ years on and the Nuptse is still one of the most well-known jackets available. It’s the lifestyle and new streetwear culture inspired fans, charmed by the 90’s look and feel of life and anyone else that is looking for strong nostalgia are turning the original The North Face puffer jacket into a staple wardrobe piece.

The North Face Nuptse Jacket at Fallen Front NZ

Today’s extreme fans are more interested in heritage pieces than actually planning any mountain adventures. The recent collaborations with some of the most identified brands within streetwear such as Supreme and Braindead are keeping The North Face at the top of our shopping list.

The North Face Nuptse Jacket is a tried and true tested silhouette. A down jacket that is constructed from durable fabrics and offers 700 fill down for warmth and comfort with a clean, and classic look. The core fabric used on the Nuptse is a 50D mini-ripstop nylon, this is combined with a double layer taffeta on the upper back and shoulders. Both these main fabrics give the Nuptse a clean ruggedness feel for everyday use.

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Over the past years, the Nuptse has had some fit and sizing adjustments and is complete with a slight boxer fit on both men’s and women’s, otherwise, the puffer jacket is almost identical to the when the original first released in 1992.

The Retro 1996 Jacket rerelease includes a 3 + 1 baffle construction, this means The North Face down jacket filling doesn’t shift around, leaving you with no cold spots. Along with the slight style and fitting adjustments, each new season The North Face seeks newer materials that lower the environmental footprints on the full product line. This happens by finding and using more recycled materials in products and packaging.

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If you are still not sure whether you should invest in The North Face Nuptse Jacket, whether you are walking the city streets, or exploring the rugged New Zealand landscape, take it from me, I still have my original North Face Nuptse 20 years on.

Fallen Front is one of The North Face stockists for Auckland, and New Zealand, you can shop our full collection here, or reach out to us if you want to come in for a coffee and discuss all things re The North Face.

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