Where are you from and whats your role with Vans?

Accent Group – Vans Distributors for Australia and New Zealand, I handle the sports marketing. 

 How did you end up working for Vans?

Skateboarding for well over 30 years and 20 years in the Action Sports industry internationally and Vans found me. 

Tell us how you feel Vans has managed to stay relevant over the last 50 years?  And how will Vans remain relevant for the next 50 years?  

When you are the original like Vans is, its not hard to stay relevant. Vans people live and breath the brand it goes well past their feet. Trends come and go, who would have thought in 2016 a rebirth of the 90’s would kick off the way it has. Just do what you love and your feet will find the way. 

What influence do you feel Vans has had on skate and street culture specifically in AUS and NZ?

Chase Collins New Zealand Skater of the Year, and Propeller the Vans video dropping has had a big impact over the past year. With Chima Ferguson taking it to the top, having the number one shoe in Vans skate you would have to say Australasia can produce the goods. 

What was your favourite trip or experience with Vans?

Putting together the Pro Skate Park Series here in Melbourne would have been one of the toughest experiences I have had, it was months and months of hard work, so much goes into an event that those that are attending the event would never know about and for them its all over in one day. Its so stressful but very rewarding when it all comes together in the end. With Chris Russell a Vans team rider taking the win hands down it couldn’t have worked out better for Vans. All the bosses were happy and so was I. My wife attended the event and was shocked at the scale of it. She now understood why I was home late every day for the past 3 months. 

What is your favourite Vans shoe of all time? 

When I am skateboarding its the Old Skool pro every time. When I am on my bike its the Half Cab Pro. And when I am just working or living its the Slip On Pro. Once you go the Pro Shoes in Vans there is no turning back, believe me. So when Vans introduce the Pro Classics I feel in love with them. 


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