Vans Tributes the 'Fast Times at Rigdemont High' with Checkerboard Slip-On

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Introducing the Vans x Fast Times collaboration. Popularised since first introduced and worn by everyone since the early '80s, the Vans Checkerboard Slip-On has been taken to the next level with their latest collaboration. The iconic film from 1982 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' features actor Sean Penn playing a loveable slacker Jeff Spicoli, which to his choice, wears the original Vans Checkerboard Slip-On throughout the film. For the first time since the film's release, vans pay homage and revisit the Fast Times Slip-On, completed with the signature Fast Times logo printed around the midsole.

This rare style was first surfaced ahead of films debut, with Vans making a limited run of Fast Times Slip-Ons and giving them away exclusively at the premiere in Hollywood. Since then, the checkerboard slip-on has driven itself to high success and is now one of the most known and worn Vans styles of all time. With the limited run of the original Fast Time Slip-Ons, it is extremely hard to find and never saw a retail release.

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Thanks to the team at Vans, one of the most requested shoes in the game has seen it's new light of day. Constructed using the same method as the original sneaker in 1982, this Slip-On comes crafted from deluxe 10oz heavyweight checkerboard canvas and features a higher foxing stripe than normal models. Signing it off, a Fast Times print wraps around the midsole as well as a modern spin on cushioning with the UltraCush footbed, making this shoe wearable all day long. Finalizing the look, vans have also added vulcanized gum outsoles.

The Vans Anaheim Factory Slip-On Fast Times is here and we are pumped to deliver them to you. Pick them up to collect a piece of original, high sought after shoes and rock them all day long. You don't want to pass up on these, after all, its taken Vans almost 40 years to get them into the public eye.

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