Champion Clothing, Its Reverse Weave Technology, and the new adoption.

The Reverse Weave technology was thought and created out of necessity to overcome shrinkage and other garment defects that come with the frequent need of washing with sports apparel. Champion clothing saw the need for innovation in sports garments and in 1934 Champion invented a world-first-engineered sweatshirt. The fabric is cut on the cross grain and the Reverse Weave sewing and construction method prevents shrinkage, even with frequent washing. The process to avoid the horizontal shrinkage in clothing is to have the fabric knitted in a transversely method. This process was phrased the Reverse Weave, it is a more difficult and timely process than the traditional methods of vertical sewing. To engineer the sweatshirt further Champion added the elastic gussets to the side of the body, neckline, and the ribbing on the sleeves. Allowing the user, a greater range of freedom and more ability for quicker movements. Upon hitting the market, Champions Reverse Weave became popular with sports teams and was quickly adopted by teams across the United States of America.

Champion Clothing Reverse Weave Technology

According to Harold Lipson, who was a previous president at Champion, this was not the brands first time introducing innovative clothing design. Lipson claims to have constructed the first hooded sweatshirt around 1934. Champion clothing worked directly with sports teams and high schools to determine clothing requirements. These working partnerships eventually helped in creating a bigger and double thickness hooded sweatshirt that track athletes and other various sports teams would wear on the side lines in cold and windy weather conditions. Years later the familiar “C” logo started to appear and was embroidered on the left sleeve of their sweatshirts. The logo and placement would later become Champion clothing identifier.

Champion clothing logos are now stretched loud proud across tees, and sweatpants. Seen on celebrities like Rihanna, Kanye West, ASAP Rocky and the Kardashians, their massive fortune and adoption of the brand has also allowed Champion to be placed alongside luxury brands like Gucci and Rolex. Even Chance the Rapper went on to claim he helped make Champion “unlame” during an Instagram post. Another integral part of the brands newfound growth is the indentation with the Hype Beasts and their desire of vintage sportswear. 2010 saw a milestone collaboration for the brand, they partnered with Supreme on limited edition coaches’ jacket. These rare pieces from the brand are now selling in the luxury market with the resale value continuously growing.

Chance the Rapper wearing Champion Clothing

Champion x Supreme Hooded Varsity Jacket in Black and Navy

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Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie in Black
Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie in White
Champion heavyweight jersey short in black
Champion Reverse Weave Jogger in Black