Champion Clothing

Champion Reverse Weave Hoodies & Clothing.

Champion sweatshirts and clothing are a staple in your streetwear wardrobe.

Champion clothing is home of the Reverse Weave technology, inventing the world’s first engineered sweatshirt in clothing. To minimise shrinkage and inconsistencies, the fabric is laid out and knitted transversely rather than the traditional method of vertical sewing. In addition, Champion clothing takes another value-adding process and adds elastic gussets to the side panels of the sweatshirt, and the wrist ribbing. This provides for more freedom and a better range of movements whilst training. Champion clothing was so ground-breaking with this process that in 1952 they were granted a patent for Reverse Weave. Champion clothing from the very beginning was a forward-thinking brand that set to push the boundaries of what was possible when it came to technical sportswear and garments. Around the 1930s Champion debuted their hooded sweatshirt, designed out of necessity for the sportswear consumers. It was around the late ’80s and early 90’s that Champion experienced a wave in adoption within the celebrity’s and musicians becoming synonymous with a new form of the team. Around the same time and the flow-on effect from all this new exposure was the masses adopting the hooded sweatshirt and giving it new terminology, the hoodie. New York City is known as ground zero for the trend, which saw endorsements within sub-music cultures like hip-hop, soul, and punk. Proof to Champion’s rich history, it’s Reverse Weave Hoodie was put on display at the Museum of Modern Art as part of the “Is Fashion Modern?” Which also showcased other fashion pieces that strongly impacted modern society. The hoodie became a permanent part of the collection in 2018. Here at Fallen Front NZ, we are proud to showcase our full Champion clothing and accessories collection of buckets hats, beanies, hoodies, jumper, tees, and the well-known Champion Reverse Weave hoodie. Learn more about Champion clothing over at our blog.