Converse Shoes: Chuck 70s vs Chuck Taylor

Converse shoes are one of the all-time leading sellers in NZ. Particularly in the two most dominant styles, the Converse 70s and the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. Both these sneakers have stayed on trend and have never gone out of style since the beginning of time. The two shoes are perfect for any occasion, and in our opinion, one of the best all-year round shoe.

During the early 80s, Converse set out to make small improvements to their signature shoe, the Chuck Taylor All Star. The construction stayed true to its original DNA, while improving the material and technology. After decades of success with this version, Converse pay homage to their roots. The brand released the iconic Chuck 70 in 2013, giving people a taste of vintage quality with modern comfortability.

As modern age goes on and the technology improves, it enables brands to produce highly engineered and thought out shoes. The 1980s first marked this period of change for the Chuck Taylor All Star, stepping into a new realm of footwear and was no longer just an on-court shoe, the Converse sneakers were picked up across all styles and cultures, becoming one of the leading lifestyle shoes around. Nowadays, Chuck 70s have become the must-have for sneakerheads, bringing classic vintage aesthetic with blown out features. The Chuck 70s have become high profile, with celebrity designers like Virgil Abloh from Off White creating a collaboration, as well as Missoni and Rei Kawakubo.

The Virgil Abloh x Converse Collaboration Sneaker

Why have the tides shifted? What's better about the Chuck 70 Hi than the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star? We have curated some key differences for you to have a look at...

Up first, the Canvas. One of the first differences you are able to see when looking at the two is the main construction, the canvas. During its original life, the Chuck 70 had to be durable and take a beating on the hardwood floors, being a go-to basketball sneaker, the 70s were constructed from a 12oz canvas weave and secured with an extra layer of canvas stitched inside to strengthen the toe. The Chuck Taylor All Stars were altered to bring a lighter load, a little lighter on the feet and the idea was that people no longer needed the hard durability of the basketball shoe. The shift to this lifestyle sneaker brought a finer canvas to the All Star construction.

Converse Chuck 70 12oz Canvas

Another obvious conversion is the famous midsole on the Chuck 70s, so easily recognisable on the Chuck 70s Hi Black. Constructed with a layer of varnish applied to the midsole and toecap, giving the rubber an off-white tone and a high-quality edge. Another difference and probably our personal favourite, the midsole comes in a full 5mm higher than the All Star, reason being, extra stability during in-game movement and explosive gameplay, as well as the foxing tape being a separate piece of piping seared onto the midsole opposed to an inset stripe. On the bottom sole, the classic 70s edition features a sole made from a solid slab of dense rubber, moulded with deeper dashes and thicker construction, making it better for traction.

Converse Chuck All Star Sole

Some other variances of the Converse Chuck Taylor and the 1970s are the structure and support on the inside. The All Star has an additional plastic heel cap, built for stability whereas the Chuck 70 has no need for additional structures due to the self-supporting bulk. As mentioned previously, the Converse have implemented modern technology which makes these shoes more comfortable and durable. On the new Chuck 70s Converse have injected an extremely cushioned foam insole, featuring built-up arch support and making this shoe the most comfortable construction in their archive.

Converse Chuck 70 contrasted stitching on the tounge

Finally, in order to bring the authentic 1970s feel, Converse has brought back their OG heel tab, cotton laces and nickel-plated eyelets. Contrast stitching around the tongue, nylon-webbing heel strip and the character glossy heel patch, bringing vintage touches and taking you back to the good old days.

Although the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars and Converse Chuck 70s are of similar DNA, the Chuck 70 has been built to last. A durable, reliable, comfortable and trustworthy companion in your sneaker collection. Both these shoes are iconic in the fashion world, and both deserve the love they receive. The choice is yours - if you are wanting an easy throw on shoe that you can wear every single day for the rest of your life, these two are perfect for it.

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Heel Tab

Converse Chuck 70 Hi Heel Tab

Converse Chuck 70 and Converse Chuck Taylor All Star