'The Key to Isolation Success' is a series by FallenFront to help inspire you during this tough period, it's time for us to band together and play our part in keeping the world safe. We have an opportunity to stay productive and try new things, a chance to gain knowledge on something you haven't and a window of time to level up in our personal lives. This is a blog series which we hope to guide you through this time, we hope you can take value from these ideas... Stay safe, we are all in this together.


With the world in lockdown, it is the perfect time to get around to those things you didn’t have time to do before. Giving your wardrobe a clear out is a great way to start, so that you leave the next few weeks with a fresh, perhaps minimal and organised daily collection. 
We’ve put together some helpful tips on ways to a fresh start. 


To start with, it's a good idea to do a big clear out, dividing your items into piles - keep, sell, throw, maybe and fix/customise. In this process, remember to be realistic with what you actually wear and need, detach yourself from those beloved things you simply have no use for anymore. Remember to follow this process with your shoes and accessories as well. 


Selling those items that you perhaps bought and only wore once is a great way to earn some money and invest in some new apparel, a sustainable way to recycle. There are plenty of easy apps you could use to do this, such as Depop and Grailed which are worldwide, or locally dropping your items into thrift and second-hand stores - some of them give you a percentage of what the item sells for within their store.


There are many different ways to organise your clothing, you could organise by colour, style and season. For the items that are not for the current season, consider putting those in away in a box or top shelf as you have no need for them at the moment. Make sure everything has its place, is seen so it is not overlooked when picking a fit each day and make sure it is functionally tidy. Find a place for pants, tops, jackets, shoes and accessories. 


If there are items you absolutely love but have rips, buttons missing, or don’t fit right. Get creative! There are so many easy tutorials online for making simple adjustments, and you could also make custom pieces, unique to you. Think tye die, patches, embroidery, all current and trending. Jaden Smith kills it in creating his own looks with his custom made pants. 


Keep these clothes for now, but give yourself a time frame - if you don’t reach for them within a month or so, consider letting them go. Keep the ones you find yourself looking for. 
We so often buy things we don’t end up wearing. Pairing down, selling, organising, and adjusting clothes regularly, allows you to do good for the planet whilst being able to make money and re-invest in new things. Keep that flow of streetwear, coming and going in your closet, don’t create chaos in your wardrobe, this is a place of style…